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The commitment of post-secondary funding to performance measures was a recommendation from a government-appointed blue velvet body that reviewed Alberta`s spending in 2019. You will receive advice on business planning and organizational results from Alberta Finance. Institutions are overwhelmed and should focus on fighting the pandemic, rather than reaching agreements with the province on the indicators they should meet in order to receive maximum public funding. Many methods are used to provide performance plans, feedback and evaluations to the university. The various assessment tools are listed below and specific to each contract to which a staff member is associated. You`ll find information on the design, implementation and follow-up of an effective performance excellence program: Investment management agreements with each of Alberta`s 26 institutions are different and link their funding shares to institution-specific objectives. The current unprecedented situation should prompt the government to delay the new funding model by one year, said Sadiya Nazir, Chair of the University of Alberta Student Council (CAUS). She is concerned that new funding agreements with the province – so-called investment management agreements – will encourage schools to make decisions that are not in the best interests of students. The COVID-19 pandemic has led Education Minister Demetrios Nicolaides to postpone a new performance-based funding agreement until the end of May, his press secretary said on Friday. In 2020-21, 15 per cent of the school`s funding will be tied to the achievement of their performance actions. This proportion will reach 40% of public funds by 2022/23. Alberta Grant funding, which is not performance-related, is not affected by the change.

Please respect your staff agreement or contact your personal department for more information. FEC Reference Manual Faculty Agreement – Article 13 Faculty Service Officer (FSO) Agreement – Article 13 Academic Teaching Staff (ATS) Agreement – Article 10 The provincial government is also on track to reduce the amount of public funding for post-secondary institutions by 20 per cent over four years to encourage universities to find more revenue from other sources such as education and donations. The Assistant Directors will implement and maintain a divisional program of excellence that will provide advice on organizational performance, staff performance, awards and recognition, as well as support for the implementation of departmental teams or service excellence groups and the Public Service Commission. The Alberta government has postponed the launch date for a new post-secondary funding model. Nicolaides` press secretary, Laurie Chandler, said on Friday that they had drawn up draft contracts that will be finalised by May 31. The projects are not yet public. In a statement Friday, he said the university needed time to assess the short- and long-term effects of the pandemic. Earlier this month, the government cancelled all post-secondary and K-12 classes in Alberta to slow the spread of disease. Students should be included in the new three-year contracts, she said.

The Government of Alberta supports the need for each department to continuously assess the performance of the organization and staff to support the realization of business and government visions and business plans. Phone: 780-492-6860E-Mail: For more information, consult the staff agreement or contact your personal department. This directive describes the implementation and maintenance of organisational and staff evaluation systems.

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