New Zealand Social Security Agreement With Australia

with the exception of paragraph 4, benefits that must be paid under Australian social security legislation are not taken into account; and “competent institution” with respect to a contracting party, the institution or agencies responsible for managing that party`s social security law; You should apply for an Australian pension after leaving New Zealand and within the previously explained time frame. To see if these payments can continue after 26 weeks, you must request that the New Zealand Superannuation in Australia be paid to you. You must do so within 26 weeks of leaving New Zealand by applying for an Australian pension in your local centrelink office. A. Your payments may be affected. If you return within 26 weeks, you will continue to receive your payments while you are away. for the remainder of the benefit covered in point (b), the calculation of the rate established by the Australian Social Security Act, which is calculated as the person`s income, the amount calculated in accordance with point a). However, if you are travelling to a country that has a social security agreement with New Zealand, you can apply to be paid upon arrival under this agreement. In determining the right to benefits, the date on which an application, contract notice or appeal is lodged with the competent institution of a contracting party in accordance with paragraph 1 is considered to be the date on which this document is filed with the competent institution of the other party. The competent institution to which an application, notification or appeal is lodged promptly notifies the relevant institution of the other party. 2. Notwithstanding paragraph 1, where, on the effective date of this agreement, a person providing each other with all the information in his possession, acquired during the period of residence of working age during the examination of the country or countries in which an applicant is sought and to which this agreement applies, and each competent institution transmits this information in the manner provided by the administrative provisions covered by Article 21. 1.

Any provision in this article 1 of the table begins in accordance with column 2 of the table or is deemed to begin. Any other statement in Column 2 has an effect in accordance with its terms. c) holders of a special class visa under the Australian Social Security Act. A. All application forms you complete for an Australian or New Zealand benefit or pension can be compared to information provided by Centrelink or Work and Income to verify your identity and residency status. When an Australian benefit is paid to an individual, either under the agreement or in some other way, the rate of that benefit is set in accordance with Australian social security legislation, but in the assessment of that person`s income, no New Zealand benefit paid to that person is considered income. This instrument supports the right to social security and is compatible with human rights. To the extent that this obligation is exercised, it is appropriate, proportionate and transparent in achieving its objectives.

An application, notification or appeal of a benefit, whether payable under this agreement or by other means, may be made on the territory of one of the contracting parties at any time after the agreement comes into force, in accordance with the administrative provisions covered by Article 21. verify that the person receiving this benefit is entitled to this benefit under the social security law of the party granting the benefit; Access to most Australian social security benefits changed from February 26, 2001.

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