Masterspec License Agreement

(f) knowingly authorize or encourage a customer or third party to process the purchaser`s product as soon as it has been distributed by the taker, unless that customer or a third party provides the licensee with written documents with a valid, existing and necessary license with Avitru, or Avitru issues written permission, and that customer or a third party does not agree to be bound by the applicable conditions; c) Responsibility of the licensee in case of unauthorized use. In the event that the licensed taker or user (1) uses or reuses the holder`s product or product on a website or (2) uses or reuses the holder`s product or product in a project that is not included in the definition of the “specific construction project”, the licensee is required to pay Avitru the license fee due for such use. , if the licensee or a user authorized the product of the product or the licensee, as described in it. Moreover, despite the contrary mentioned in it, the licensee remains bound by the terms of the agreement and is required to pay Avitru the licence fee for the period during which this unauthorized use occurs when the licensee will no longer cease to use the product or the licensee. Resignation 25. You can terminate this license agreement by communicating to us in writing one month after 24 months from the first payment of the subscription fee. 26. We can terminate this license agreement by communicating in writing: 26.1 from one month to any time after 24 months from your first payment of the subscription fee; or 26.2 Immediately in the event of non-compliance with these Terms. 27. The termination may be from the entirety of this agreement or from a system or tool to which you subscribe. 28. In the event of termination, you will be: 28.1 Pay us immediately all unpaid royalties; 28.2 Immediate return or destruction of all materials granted; and 28.3 You are not allowed to use Masterspec systems or Masterspec tools, except to continue to use authorized hardware that has been properly included in your specifications for the duration of your license. 29.

After the termination of this contract, the following obligations remain in effect: 29.1 Compensation; 29.2 Confidentiality; 29.3 Intellectual property; and 29.4 Applicable legislation. We are sorry if an unauthorized “internal” can figure out how to write a project manual with MasterSpec better than the operation. 13) Start and end. This contract and the license granted to it will come into effect with the payment or initial use of the Software by the licensee, depending on when it is earlier, and will remain in effect, unless it is terminated. 21) Full agreement. This CLUE is concluded as part of the master licensing agreement between the parties and nothing is intended to neglect the provisions it contains. This ECJ cannot be awarded or transferred without Avtiru`s prior written consent. Payment 23.

Your licence fee will be calculated in accordance with the Masterspec subscription fee plan (updated from time to time) on our website (licence fee). You pay the licence fee within 21 days of receiving an invoice from us or through regular automatic payments on the first of each calendar month. 24. We reserve the right not to update the licensed material or restrict (in whole or in part) access to licensed material, including Masterspec tools, if you do not pay the licence fee until the due date. 3) Property; No implied rights. The product is made available to the licensee only for authorized use, in accordance with the express terms of the license granted by this agreement.

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