Interchange Canada Agreement Template

For agreements involving employees or positions at the Executive Director level, the Deputy Minister of the Department of the Government of Alberta, an authorized signatory of the external organization, the Second and the Public Service Commissioner must sign the agreement. The agreement is signed between you, the Deputy Director of your home organization and the Director of the host organization. The services are responsible for invoicing and liaising with host organizations directly in managing the refund process of all exchange operations if necessary. Executive Search, PSC employees only perform an advisory function. The assignment contract shall be implemented by a letter of agreement signed by the parties, including in particular: (a) a declaration that the participant is a member of the staff of the organising organisation and will remain so throughout the operation; (b) a statement that the participant will return to a position within the organizing organization at a rate of pay of at least his or her current salary; (c) the beginning and end of the contract; (d) the amounts of compensation to be reimbursed; (e) a statement indicating compliance with the requirements of the official language. Most interchange agreements contain a provision for the implementation of wage adjustments or benefits resulting from normal employment developments. Therefore, it is generally not necessary for the host organization to provide all parties to the agreement with correspondence clearly specifying the changes. Hello! So I stumbled on the exchange program and I`m interested in participating in it. Has anyone ever gone through the process of taking on a mission through this program? How did it go? How long did it take to get permission? Is it hard to have it? If the agreement does not include a provision for such amendments, a letter of amendment refining the amendments should be prepared and signed by all parties to the original agreement.

Most of the exchanges were initiated by interested people who, through their own contacts, draw attention to the possibilities. Those interested in an exchange opportunity should advise their supervisor and human resources department. In which types of organizations can I organize an interchange assignment? Interchange Canada is an exchange program between the core public administration and other organizations in the private, public and non-profit sectors in Canada and internationally. By taking on temporary operations, staff develop professionally, while organisations participating in the programme benefit from new knowledge, skills and approaches. Organizations can use the Job Enrichment, Talent Management or Skills Exchange program. A sole proprietorship is not considered a business and therefore cannot enter into an agreement under Interchange Canada`s program. Who is responsible for the costs of IC operations? Participants continue to receive their salary and non-remuneration from their home organization. As a general rule, the host organization reimburses these costs to the home organization. However, another reimbursement agreement may be negotiated between the host organisation and the host organisation. Other professional costs, such as training and travel, are the responsibility of the host organization.

Ref: The interchange agreement usually contains specific articles describing the procedures to be followed in these situations. If the agreement does not clearly define the procedures to be followed, the following steps must be taken: Please contact Executive Search to obtain the Alberta Interchange Secondment Agreement template. Preliminary discussions should take place between all interested parties to explore the possibility of an exchange. If all parties agree to follow an exchange agreement, details such as duration, obligations, etc.

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