Florida Medicaid Provider Agreement

(11) Prior to the signing of a supplier agreement and at the Agency`s discretion, notwithstanding the other provisions of this section, a company may be permitted to receive Medicaid payments when it first issues services or goods: 5. A local authority entity, except that the requirements of this subsection apply to suppliers and non-governmental organizations when they enter into contracts with the local government to provide Medicaid services. The actual costs of public and national inspection of flaming files must be borne by the non-governmental provider or non-governmental agency; or (e) allow the Agency, the Attorney General, the federal government and the authorized agents of each of these agencies to access all Medicaid-related information that may take the form of records, protocols, documents or computer files, and other information relating to services or goods charged to the Medicaid program, including access to all patient records and other supplier information. , where the provider cannot separate Medicaid patient records from any other registration. 2. Any supplier agreement is a voluntary contract between the Agency and the provider, in which the provider agrees to comply with all laws and rules relating to the Medicaid program when providing a service or property to a Medicaid recipient, and the Agency agrees to pay an amount determined by the pricing plan, payment method or otherwise for the service or property provided to the Medicaid beneficiary. Any service provider contract is valid for a specified period, may be terminated by both parties after an appropriate announcement and may be renewed by mutual agreement. (k) no fines or overpayments have been properly assessed under the Medicaid program in which no complaints are pending or, after the decision of the proceedings, by provision or agreement, unless the Agency has issued a letter of forgiveness or approved a repayment schedule to which the supplier complies. 6. A Medicaid supplier contract may be revoked at the Agency`s choice as a result of a change of ownership of an entity, grouping, partnership or other agency designated as a supplier in the supplier agreement. A supplier provides the Agency with a 60-day notification before the ownership of the company covered in the supplier agreement is changed.

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