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A no-Pets directive is a clause in a landlord`s rental agreement with a tenant. This clause specifies that a tenant must not have any type of pet, such as a dog or cat, in the rented property. If the tenant violates this clause, he or she can expect eviction for violation of the terms of the lease. An ESA is an animal that provides a person with an emotional or mental disability with the love and support they need for a normal life. An ESA can be any species of animal as long as that animal does not violate local or state laws. Your pet may already be functioning as your emotional support animal. To make it official, you must receive a letter from the ESA from a licensed therapist. Service animals can be considered emotional support animals, but emotional support animals do not need to be certified service animals to provide their owners with the necessary support. Emotional support animals offer their owners mental and emotional benefit, while service animals generally offer physical benefits. Examples of daily tasks or functions that assisted animals can help with are a guide dog that helps a blind person move or a specially trained crisis warning dog to react when their companion has a seizure. You can have more than one emotional support animal as long as your therapist deems it necessary.

For example, it may be acceptable to have 2-3 cats or dogs, but 10 chickens in an apartment may be considered inappropriate. This is because an animal is not considered a pet to support emotionally. Like a service dog, it is a tool to help in case of disability, much like a wheelchair provides help. Since a pet is not a pet, an animal intermediation service provider cannot require a deposit or additional pet rental. I moved into a new apartment about a month ago and my rental agreement says, “Medically prescribed pets need a written prescription from your doctor before moving into the apartment/house.” I didn`t intend to have an ESA before moving in, but now I`m talking to my shrink about it. Does this mean I can`t get THE ESA until I can renew or move it? Do landlords have an obligation to consider/accept ASAS after they move in, or is this clause in the rental agreement strong? There are very few properties except for these laws: homeowners cannot inquire about the specific details of your condition or medical history. Also, ASEs do not require special training – your landlord may confuse them with service dogs. Animals for people with emotional disabilities can provide comfort or help relieve pain associated with that disability. For example, a dog`s camaraderie and comfort can help people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Even if a person has decent housing under the statutes, a landlord is not required to waive a “no pets” policy if it would result in a heavy financial or administrative burden, if a “no pets” rule is a fundamental part of the housing program, or if the person with a disability is unable to comply with the general rental rules. To date, however, a landlord has not been able to deny a qualified person with a mental disability to waive a “no pets” policy for any of the above reasons….

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