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For students who feel safe at an early stage in relation to their career orientation, Villanova offers the opportunity to simultaneously apply for the bachelor`s degree and the University of Pennsylvania Kornberg School of Dentistry or the Philadelphia College of Optometry. Well, whether your child should make an early decision or act early depends on several things, such as your child`s goals and context and the interest they have in certain schools. That`s why I recommend your child do extensive research on the schools they want to apply to and determine if those schools match their preferences. While competition is fierce among candidates, early decisions tend to offer higher acceptance rates than regular decisions. A study by Inside Higher Ed shows that Harvard offered a 14.9 percent acceptance rate for students who applied for an advance ruling in 2020. This is a big difference, as regular decisions offer an acceptance rate of 3.4 percent of regular applicants. As the advance ruling is binding, you need to make sure that you do not make mistakes when applying to the future university. This means that you must be sure of your participation, as you cannot withdraw after admission. As I said before, the school you attend by default will penalize you and even damage your reputation at other universities where you want to apply. In other words, it would be better if you applied very early to a university with a 100% attendance rate. In 2023, Harvard University received a total of 6,958 early applications and increased 935 students by that number, or 13.44 percent.

However, the number of requests for early action increased by 328, while the acceptance rate decreased by 1.10%. Last year, Harvard University received a total of 6,630 EA applications and welcomed only 964 students for the class of 2022, or 14.54 percent. On the contrary, some restrictions come with early application. You`ll have the pressure to decide where your child is going to join, your child will have reduced financial aid opportunities, and the stress of going back to the drawing board to catch up with regular decision requests. An early decision is only offered to students who consider Brown their top priority. However, once you have applied for your early decision, you should withdraw applications from other colleges to show your genuine interest in the school. While early action and early decisions help students show interest in the future school, an early decision goes beyond early action in this sector. Applicants for an advance ruling are required to go to school upon admission in order to protect their rate of return or the specific number of participants. Regular Decision (RD) is the default, non-binding application plan. If you think your grades and test results (if you choose to send them) would improve your application, we recommend using RD.

It also gives you more time to work on your application files, as they are an additional important part of your application. Ordinary candidates receive a decision of admission, refusal or waiting. Also note that if you take action and are accepted at an early stage, you have reached a binding agreement to join the university. In addition, you can only apply to the university if you apply by regular decision. Finally, you must withdraw all other applications you have submitted to other schools if you are accepted by advance ruling. Deciding to apply for Early Action or Early Decision Colleges can be frustrating. However, it would be helpful if you knew both of these options in order to avoid mistakes. Maximizing the essential requirements of each option helps on a long road to a successful application process. The big difference between these two options is the commitment factor and the non-binding factor….

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