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Certain types of British visitors are subject to special treatment under a double taxation agreement, such as students, teachers or overseas government officials. The method of double taxation “relief” depends on your exact circumstances, the nature of the revenue and the specific wording of the contract between the countries concerned. When two countries try to tax the same income, there are a number of mechanisms to provide tax relief so that you do not pay twice taxes. The first is whether the double taxation convention between the United Kingdom and the other country limits the right of either country to tax these revenues. ARTICLE XIV.-1) The legislation of the contracting parties continues to regulate the taxation of income generated in one of the territories, unless that agreement specifies otherwise. Where income is taxable in both areas, double taxation is reduced in accordance with the following paragraphs of this article. The United Kingdom has “double taxation” agreements with many countries to ensure that people do not pay taxes on the same income twice. Double taxation agreements are also referred to as “double taxation agreements” or “double taxation agreements.” If there is a double taxation agreement, language may have the option of taxing different types of income. You can find an example on our page on double stays.

It was amended in Section 1 of Section 347 of the Income Tax Act 1952, as amended by Section 7, paragraph 2, of the 1952 Finance Act, that if Her Majesty by the Council declares that agreements have been reached with the Government of a territory outside the United Kingdom to allow the exemption from double taxation with respect to the Income. , income tax or surplus tax and all taxes of a similar nature imposed by stricter laws in this territory and that these rules should be effective so that the scheme takes effect to the extent specified in this subsection as amended: (a) that the rules set out in the convention on the list of this regulation have been made with the Greek government the exemption from double taxation on income tax, income tax or the levy on profits on profits and similar taxes imposed by Greek laws; you may have to pay taxes in the UK and another country if you live here and have income or profits abroad, or if you are a foreigner and have income or profits in the UK.

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