Collaborative Practice Agreement Examples

And while your state may not legally require this contractual agreement, you might need to create a contract to formalize your relationship with any doctor you work with. You can do this to outline different responsibilities and continue to protect yourself and your business. Set the terms of payment for the doctor`s staff. Most cooperating physicians expect to be paid for their services, with the possible exception of a physician working in a group practice with PRs. Typically, both parties agree on an hourly rate, but annual fees, chart fees, and profit percentages are common agreements. You and the cooperating doctor can design the compensation structure as you find it pleasant for both parties. Once the CPA is established, Nyhus recommends that both parties review and revert the document jointly. Before signing, the ideal would be for your own lawyers to also check the agreement. This can help you not miss anything, and it gives you the opportunity for your lawyer to explain all the parts of the document that you didn`t understand.

Anyone involved in the CPA should consider having their own lawyer in order to avoid any conflict of interest. If you`re setting up your own practice as an NP, there`s a good chance you`ll need to establish a collaborative practice contract with a physician. We will guide you through the procedure and give you some CPA templates to make it easier for you to enter. For example: “The doctor will visit the NP training ground one day a month.” Name who covers this agreement. Is it between you, an individual and the doctor, or is it larger (i.e. covering all PRs in an office, for example)? You should also use this section to list what each occupation will practice in your group and the actual places where the work is done. It is possible that your cooperating doctor has a document that you can use as a starting point. If not, check with a lawyer or other nurse to see if they have any standard documents to customize for your own use. (Links to the examples below.) And as with any legally binding agreement, you should have the contract checked by a lawyer before signing. Describe the policies your team will follow to contact the doctor: when, how and for what purpose. This is most likely based on your state`s nursing practices law and the type of practice you are participating in.

Define the duration (i.e. length) of the agreement and the circumstances under which it can be modified or terminated. . . .

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