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ACCORDINGLY, the Parties have ensured that this Agreement is duly executed from the above-mentioned date. Therefore, the performance of a contract means “signature / conclusion of a contract” and, to express “execution / performance of a contract”, the term Performance of the contract is used. This agreement can be concluded by creating several copies that together form a single contract. To attest to the pre-contractual agreement, each party to the agreement has drawn up this agreement and signed it on the date indicated at the beginning. Contract Translation│ Bridgelink`s High Quality Contract Translation Return to the translation point index in English, but in the case of “Performance of Duty”, either the performance of obligations / the execution of obligations is possible. This agreement can be executed in equivalents, each representing a single document. The verb “execute” is often used in English contracts. Many people remember this verb in the sense of “execute”,but in the case of documents such as contracts, it means “sign”, “sign” and “create (formally)”. The substantive form is execution….

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