Wartsila Carnival Agreement

The objective is to optimize the efficiency of each engine in the Carnival fleet in reducing SFOC (Specific Fuel Oil Consumption), measured at regular intervals throughout the contract period. The goal is to ensure that each engine reaches its SFOC level as low as possible, which reduces the total fuel consumption of the entire engine fleet, ultimately reducing Carnival`s costs. Wurtsil and Carnival Corporation plc (NYSE/LSE; NYSE: CUK), the world`s largest cruise carrier, announced today that it has signed a 12-year contract that strengthens their partnership and joint improvement efforts to maintain the highest possible level of cruise ship safety and reliability. The results-based agreement provides for joint financial incentives and results-based exposures for both companies. In 2017, the world`s largest cruise line, Wurtsil and Carnival Corporation, have signed a revolutionary new agreement. The agreement between the two companies, already unusual in their fixed estimate of maintenance costs, was also the first time that the company had linked the energy efficiency and fuel consumption of customers for a fruitful cooperation. Two years later, both companies were satisfied with the agreement and saw opportunities for expansion. The long-term value of the agreement would be around 900 million euros. Carnival Corporation, the world`s largest cruise line, has signed a 12-year, nearly $1 billion contract with Finnish engine manufacturer Wurtsil, covering all maintenance and monitoring of 79 Carnival Corp. “Our agreement with Wurtsil extends our collaboration to a strategic partnership,” said Bill Burke, Chief Maritime Officer of Carnival Corporation. “As part of our agreement and guarantees a high level of safety and reliability, we can focus on our top priority – by offering great cruise trips to our more than 11 million visitors a year. In addition to cost reduction, the long-term agreement improves safety and operational efficiency – two crucial benefits in the rapidly growing cruise market.

The agreement with Carnival includes common incentives and promotes common objectives such as the safety, quality, efficiency and reliability of the engine room, which improves the availability and efficiency of ship operations. First of all, Laine has reached a new agreement with the Soviet Sudoimport for the transfer of part of a project of nine ships from Valmet Shipyards to Wurtsil Perno Werft. Two of these ships were launched at the Valmet Laivateollisuus shipyard in Turku and one at the Vuosaari shipyard in Helsinki; Shipyards should be closed after the ships are handed over.

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