Virtual Respect Agreement Template

I think class chords are okay for the self-motivated learner, but they`re not a challenge for them. To help students develop ideas for classroom norms, present them with a number of scenarios and ask them to imagine what they would like if that scenario happened, if they were learning remotely, or if they were learning in person. Project each scenario in a synchronized personal or virtual session and have students write down their ideas for each scenario. You could ask students to consider situations such as: develop a class contract to create a community of mutual respect and inclusion. Contracting is an effective strategy to make your classroom a reflective and respectful community. It`s the process of openly discussing with your students expectations about how class members will interact with each other and with the learning experience. As distance learning strongly influences how members of a class communicate and connect with each other and with their teacher, it is important to create a version of your classroom contract that takes into account the different circumstances of distance learning so that students can feel engaged, appreciated, respected and listened to, whether you meet personally or virtually. I am new to inquiry learning and PYP. I only have it in Grade 4. But I seem to see too many teachers (maybe even myself!) giving empty words about the idea of the agreement, the idea that students actively participate in the construction of such agreements. In fact, if we creatively insert our students into making the agreements we want from our class.

It`s hard for us to let go of control and guide students to make their decisions, not ours. I sometimes have the same thing with the survey. Yes, the survey is often structured and needs to be structured, but do we pretend to ask questions about what students are interested in, or do we only find less than obvious ways to get them where we have already decided they should be? These two topics have been of great concern to me when the school year starts where I am. A contract implies that all parties have a responsibility to abide by the agreement. Students can think about what it means for a class to have a contract and why it`s important to create a contract that can guide both personal learning and distance learning. Next, have students work together in breakout groups to generate ideas for norms or “expectations” for the class contract. Students should share their responses to the scenarios with their groups and work together to determine what common themes are among their responses. Based on their discussion, students should create a Venn diagram or a three-column Google Doc or Padlet with ideas for classroom standards specific to distance learning on the one hand, ideas specific to personal learning on the other, and ideas that apply to both in the middle. We advise you to keep each list short (for example.

B three to five elements per section of the Venn diagram) so that the standards can be easily recalled. Students can collaborate personally or virtually in a document. If students work together personally, you should designate one guide per group to write ideas on a sheet of graphic paper in a Venn diagram, to facilitate students` physical distance from their classmates. The advantage of essential agreements is to define a culture of community learning, determined by the learners of that community. .

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