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The key to a successful life situation is open and honest communication, not only when you meet for the first time, but also day-to-day. If you learn to read each other`s feelings, you will find it easier to resolve the inevitable differences that arise when two or more people live together. You don`t need to be friends for life with your roommate, but showing consideration and fairness goes a long way and is essential to building mutual respect. Learning to live with a roommate is an important part of your first year at UVA. Your roommate can help you feel at home if you are preparing to live in the field, and a good relationship with this new friend will certainly improve your experience! Below are a few things you might want to discuss with your roommate to work out the “basic rules” for your new home. Once you`ve moved in, you can pay the rent online, submit a maintenance request or even find a roommate. If you need something, our friendly leasing staff is just a click away. In a common room, there are two separate beds that you share with another student of the same sex. In most cases, the kitchen and bathroom are in the bedroom, and there is no separate living room. Roommates are not compared according to their age or background.

You and your roommate must make agreements on the basic budget rules. Even if you may not know your new roommate, chances are you have more in common than you think. Once you meet, you`ll spend time talking about your families, your hometown, the fun things that have happened to you, what you`ll miss about home, leisure, your favorite movie, your UVA plans and more. If you exchange experiences, you will find it easier to understand yourself. Questions about university accommodation or these terms and conditions can be emailed to housing@virginia.edu or call 434-924-3736. The UVA does not have a large campus where all the rooms are located. Instead, there are different buildings outside the campus throughout Amsterdam. SINCE 1972, MSC provides rental housing for the UVA and Charlottesville population, VA commune. Our inventory of apartments, houses, townhouses and duplexes for rent is the largest in Charlottesville and Central Virginia. We are sure to have something that suits your needs and needs. Browse our inventory to find an apartment in the place you need, with the amenities you want.

Once you`ve found your perfect home, fill out an online application and we`ll send you an email rental agreement! The student rooms are located in more than 20 different buildings off campus, spread throughout the city. These buildings are in the possession and managed by housing providers who have a partnership with UVA. Different types of rooms, prices and locations are available. In a private room with your own offer, you have your own room or studio (container), including your own kitchen and private bathroom. The most expensive rooms in this category are generally larger than the other rooms, and some have a more decorated and/or modern interior or offer sports or entertainment opportunities in or around the building. In a private room with private bathroom, you have your own room, including your own kitchen and an en suite bathroom in the studio room or container. In a small private room with communal facilities, you have your own room and share a kitchen and bathroom with 2-20 other students.

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