Unit 7 Subject Verb Agreement Lesson 45 Intervening Prepositional Phrases

Exercise 1 Draw a line under the single subject and two lines under the right verbs-formin-agrafes. If a preposition sentence between the subject and the verb comes, don`t confuse its object with the subject. The verb must correspond to the subject, not to the object of the preposition. The first act is the jugglers. (The singular verb, was, in accordance with the singular subject, act. The verb is not affected by the nominative predicate, jugglers.) Cookies were Mikes Auxiliary verbs are, have and change the form in verbs to show conformity with the subjects of a third person. Paul`s letters were lost in the mail. (Letters are the theme of the plural. Paul is the object of the preposition of and is unique. The verb, quie, is plural to suit with the object letters.) Exercise 2 Put a check () next to each sentence in which the subject and verb coincide. A predictive name that differs in number from the subject can be confusing.

Only the subject has an effect on the link. Each verb must correspond to its subject personally and in number. Most verbs have a different form only in contemporary form; If the subject is singular, a sor is added to the basic verb. Interconnection is an exception. It changes the form in the present as in the past. The color of the uniforms is red and gold. (The pattern, the color, is unique. Uniforms are the object of preposition and pluralist. The verb is singular to suit with the subject, the color.) Exercise 1 Write C in the drafts if the verb matches its subject.

Write the correct formative verb if the verb does not correspond to its subject. C 12. This bird, like other tropical birds, grows seeds, nuts and fruits. 6. The hardest nuts (represented, represent) little challenge for their large enk.- 6. scientifically balanced fertilizers (maintain, maintain) nutrients raised in the soil. PLURAL SINGULAR IT TAKES. You take it. She`s nice.

They`re nice. It was ripe. They were mature. 1. Fewer animals die from diseases due to advances in veterinary science. 17. Large company (bought) many successful farms. 15. New Zealand parrots (are, are) night birds at night. 18. Macaws with its shiny plumage (east, are) are distinguished by their pointed wings and look 7. The grey birds next to the cockatoo look interesting.

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