Security Camera Agreement

It is the responsibility of the members to obtain an IP camera or other compatible surveillance device. Members can also use our Mobile Security Camera or Virtual Security System Software app as an IP camera. Uploading IP camera images or video clips to the cloud can require a lot of network bandwidth. The use of our service requires a high-speed Internet connection. Members should ensure that they have sufficient bandwidth, especially download bandwidth. If you`re using Wi-Fi, you also need to make sure that all devices are within wi-fi range and that your Wi-Fi network isn`t overloaded. If you need to place a camera in a place out of wi-fi range, you can connect the camera to the router via an Ethernet cable, or a wi-fi range extender can also work. Upon termination of your affiliation or this affiliate agreement, your right to use the service expires immediately. CameraFTP is not obliged thereafter to offer a cloud service to your cameras or to transmit documents stored by the service or unread or unsused messages.. . .


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