Sap Error There Are Still Open Purchase Order Items Or Scheduling Agreements

You can first modify the corresponding error message in a warning message by using the change described in the source code. However, you must use at least version 4.0B with Hot Package 20 or you should have page 2 Without changing the conditions and closing open orders, there is an OSS notice that can be applied. Please note that if you make transactions with previously created POs or delivery plans, although you have updated the profit center in the hardware database, the supporting documents fi transactions concerning these purchase receipts with the old profit center will be updated. The transfer of credit and those entries or error messages that you have observed have absolutely nothing to do with it. If I make this error message as a warning, it has an impact……. Because there is a fake profit center for our hardware base. There are always open order stations or delivery plans – Darrell Fite on sap-r3-log-mm writes:> # Supply-Chain Shelfware working to > Finally> # Read Paper:>> > # Group Archives:>> > > I asked to change the assessment class to a> raw materials> to semi. However, the system does not let me do > do it. It would be good for MANY people if you could remember the note you saw, since this question appears about every six weeks on the list.

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