Nsw Ambulance Reciprocal Agreement

Most states and territories, with the exception of New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland, are subject to informal reciprocal agreements covering ambulance costs. If you receive an invoice from an emergency service on the mainland (except from New South Wales, South Australia or Queensland), send the invoice to Ambulance Tasmania with proof of your Tasmanian residence and we will contact the relevant emergency services on your behalf and request that they withdraw the invoice. A Melbourne woman, who called an ambulance for a homeless person, was followed by a collection company who requested payment of the emergency call. Victoria Ambulance Service Membership: If you are Victoria Ambulance Service Membership, valid at the time of your ambulance treatment/transportation in Queensland, Ambulance Victoria can pay your bill. Please forward your QAS invoice with your membership number to the address above. Did you know that retirees living in Australia are entitled to free or reduced-price ambulance insurance1? In some countries, retirees benefit from a total exemption from ambulance costs, while in others they can benefit from a discount on the costs of their outpatient insurance. Please note that from July 2015, the South Australian Ambulance Service (SAAS) will no longer cover intergovernmental transportation costs for pensioners in South Australia who are not members of an ambulance at SAAS, including intergovernmental coverage. Residents of Western Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, the Northern Territory and the Territory of the Australian Capital are covered by mutual agreements with the NSW government. If you live in New South Wales (NSW) and need outpatient treatment or transportation, it is important to know that this service is not free – you must pay a fee unless you are entitled to an exemption, private health insurance policy or ambulance protection1. With ambulance coverage can give you the certainty that you are protected if you need the services of an ambulance.

But the Queenslander and Tasmanier, who read the story, may have been confused – in these states, the state government offers free emergency ambulance services (but only if you are a resident of Queensland or Tasmania). If you live in Queensland and have ambulance protection during the loading period, the Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) will pay the bill if you present reasonable proof of your residence in Queensland. For more information, please contact your QAS office on site. As the cost of ambulances can add up quickly, ambulance coverage can give them the certainty that you are protected if the unexpected happens to you.

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