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Lawyers usually only act when the client is faced with a problem. Too often, a lawyer reacts when a client does not contact us until a big problem arises. Too often, it causes more damage and costs more money than it takes. If we are able to act as “home counsel” or “external general counsel” for our corporate clients, we are able to continuously access the legal landscape to make informed and proactive decisions to protect the client from liability and other major issues before they occur. By being proactive and non-reactive, we can avoid legal problems before they occur. We also help our clients formulate business strategies, and then help C-Suite executives implement these strategies, while coordinating the provision of a comprehensive set of legal services. The law firm Shanker, P.C. understands that many companies hate the uncertainty of typical hourly billing arrangements. To eliminate this deterrence, The Shanker Law Firm, P.C. offers many of our customers monthly retention agreements if such an agreement is useful to both the customer and to us. These agreements allow our customers to pay a fixed monthly storage fee for all the time spent on issues as part of an agreed service. The amount of benefits and the monthly amount of preservation are tailored to the client`s needs and budget. Clients of the law firm Shanker, P.C.

are encouraged to call instead of giving a reason not to call. The result is better, more informed business decisions, reduced risk, predictability of legal fees and ongoing consulting relationships that enhance our ability to provide proactive advice. In addition, in addition to fees, you want to see if there are any restrictions, when or how many times you can contact the lawyer. You want to make sure that your General Counsel Retainer external agreement ensures that your lawyer is available if necessary, as your business is likely to evolve rapidly and can bring urgent legal issues to light in an instant. If you are a small contractor in Los Angeles and you have questions about your retainer contract with your external general counsel, you should speak before signing and make sure that both of your expectations are the same. You don`t want to be involved in a lawyer-clientist relationship that doesn`t satisfy you! If you decide to hire a general or part-time lawyer or an outside lawyer relationship with a lawyer, there are certain things you are looking for and want to make sure that the agreement is in the agreement you are entering into. This is often referred to as a storage contract or fee agreement. You should also confirm whether the monthly fee you pay to General Counsel is a fee that is a real lump sum fee, that is paid regardless of the amount of work done, or is it simply a deposit or an advance on which an hourly rate is charged? Regulatory investigations. If the national regulatory authority of the federal state, the federal states or the municipalities wants to conduct an investigation, time is always crucial. But problems that can come from a regulatory investigation can usually be avoided with proactive advice. Regulatory investigations can take the form of wage and hourly divisions that tax the authorities on the fact that they have not properly withheld labour taxes when workers are not properly treated as self-employed contractors and not as workers, and even allegations made under the FMLA and ADA.

Don`t wait until it`s too late. If you`re a small entrepreneur in Los Angeles, you`ve probably thought about hiring an external general counsel for your business.

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