Final Fantasy Xv A Gentleman`s Agreement

Remember that if you accept, you will trigger the last main quest of the first act, which is not as simple as you think. On the other hand, if you feel ready for the challenge, tell Dino that you want to move forward and you will begin the last main quest of the act, called Ill Tidings. So if you think you`re not ready to do the last quest, try completing several side quests or hunts. See our proposals below. During the last conversation, Dino will tell you that he is actually a jeweler, and that he will have more jobs for you in the future. As a reward for giving him the stone he needs, you`ll have a shot bracelet x 1. The fastest way to get to Quest destination is your car, so go back to Regalia, choose Auto/Quest Location, and then choose the “A Gentleman`s Agreement” quest. Ignis will take you there, with a minimum of jokes. When you arrive, leave your car behind and take the road south along the road, then climb a hill.

Cross a land bridge that crosses the road, walk in a short cave and see a huge, sleeping bird! The party wisely decides to play in secret so as not to become bird food. Offer a spoiled kitten a little Trevally, and the miserable cat will reject it dramatically! (left) Visit the mother-of-pearl and leave the fish properly prepared to soothe the fussy cat (right). It seems that Mr. Coin-tosser did not lie. If you return from the pier, you will be arrested by a journalist named Dino, who recognizes Prince Noctis. Dino, who appears to be an Italian from New York, decides to blackmail you – you do him a favor, and he`s not going to suck your cover. Of course, it gives you a good reason to reject it, because, as he points out, Noctis and his buddies haven`t done a very good job of keeping a low profile all the time, and there`s no explanation as to why it`s a problem now. You (or rather, Ignis) will also get more experience if you get a dialogue option, choose “Stand Up My Soil” instead of “Listen to It.” Open your map and you can see that the mineral deposit is north of Galdin Quay. If it is too late, we advise you to rest in the nearby trailer. Before accepting Dino`s invitation to leave the territory, complete the following side quests and hunts: Gone Hunting, Dust to Dust, Kitty Catering and Howling Wind of Hunger. You can play if you sneak if you want, but there is no need – wake up the bird and it will simply fly away. Phew! Say south around the bird and loot the deposit of precious stones to make a garnet – barely a jewel worthy of a prince`s time – then return to the Regalia and return to Galdin Quay.

Talk to Dino and give him the stone and he will reward you by giving you a garnet bracelet, as well as some information about the nature of the piece that was thrown at you. Get one (Garner Stone x 1) to update your lens. Now that you`ve received your payment, talk to Dino again to see if you can leave the area, and you`re being asked if you`re ready to continue. Talk to him again and you will receive a false warning that you “can`t come back for a while.” At some point, time really means a few minutes, so don`t worry. On the other hand, there`s something you might want to consider before waiting for the ferry – you`ll get a free night at Quayside Cradle with its x2.0 experience multiplier. If, say, you had a lot of experience before you set up for the night, no one would blame you. In the end, however, the choice is illusory, and in exchange for his silence, he wants you to go and make him a gem. “Go to me some gems, prince, or I`ll call the paparazzi on you!” must be one of the strangest quest motivations in a final fantasy game, but that`s it. Plus side, it will also help you get a boat if you do its job. What a funny man.

In any case, if you are ready to wait for the ferry, talk to Dino and accept the wrong warning after you rest automatically and wake up to terrible news.

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