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. – Obviously, I leave the details sketched, but I am also examined. Proctor`s reports were submitted (filled with broken English and typos) which basically said that one guy concluded that I sat close enough to the other guy`s answer sheet to cheat if I wanted to, even though no one saw that I was looking at the other guy`s answer sheet, even though he was watching me closely most of the time of the session. (It would be because I`m not.)) (iv) If you find on an interim basis that an infringement has occurred, it is very likely that they will send you an early resolution agreement. At this point, they do not have to provide evidence or even arguments to say that you have committed an offence. I have read the rules several times and I can not find any use to sign them (except the fact that an audition takes time for the CFAI to remember your results). v) if they move on to the next stage of a royalty declaration. This is where they must present their preliminary findings and conclusions (essentially their legal discovery). Here you can find holes in their argument…

Find the math and the method with which you label their test (to learn more below). Find out if they got a Proctor to talk to (and probably what was said). Find out if your physical test book has been reviewed. This should include the basis of their results, so if it`s just that your test has been marked statistically as similar to someone else, then start plugging the holes. . But in any case; You should admit that you were wrong and that you learn from the error. The consequences will probably be the same, unless you continue to lie, you have to face a panel, and if you give them no reason to doubt their guilt, there is a chance for a lifetime ban. There is no benefit in lying and destroying the little integrity you may have left behind. CfAI has ridiculously stupid rules for challenging accusations of misconduct where they act as judges and prosecutors. They have also made them so complicated that the typical non-attorney CFA Kanniat have difficulty understanding their rights or how to effectively fight a false accusation. In addition to setting the rules, I guarantee you that the lawyers of the CFAI have lawyers on their side work through this thing. Do you think they are part of the legitimate society or would you simply prefer that the candidates arrive unilaterally unarmed? I was sitting for three CFA events and each made me more paranoid about the Proctors than the previous test.

You have to put on the blinkers and watch your exam work.

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