Discover Card Merchant Agreement

C. No litigation or layoffs. There is no lawsuit, or pending or threatened proceedings to your knowledge, which, if decided, would affect your ability to manage your business essentially as now or that would affect their financial situation or operations. You have never reached an agreement with a third party to perform the credit or debit card processing completed by that third party. Dealers wish to accept credit cards (“Cards”) issued by Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express members. Bank and STERLING want to offer credit card processing services to the merchant. Therefore, Merchant, STERLING and Bank agree to: Terminal, unless Merchant is expressly authorized in writing by Global Direct to submit these vouchers for purchase, (h) as long as the merchant stated on the reseller`s application that he accepted mail order, whether they accept telephone orders or Internet transactions, Merchants cannot submit such a transaction to Global Direct and a member for processing as long as goods and/or services are shipped or provided, unless otherwise authorized by card associations or network organizations, i) that none of the sale transactions submitted to that purchase constitute sales to a client. , a partner, owner or owner of the merchant, (j) that, without the universality of the previous transaction, any transaction which, in the context of the preservation and storage of the related information, is subject to visa rules and rules, MasterCard, Discover and any other card association or network organization related to cardholder security and transactional information, including, but not limited to payment cardholder data security standards, Visa`s Cardholder Information Program and MasterCards Site Data Protection Program, and (k) that all information contained in this Card Services Agreement (including the reseller`s request) are accurate. In the event of a violation of any of the above guarantees or guarantees, the sales orders or other debts involved may be refused or prior acceptance may be cancelled and returned to the distributor. In addition, such a sale transaction may be refused or recouped if, as part of a sale transaction that is not the result of a sale of the goods or services offered to the public, Merchant presents a sale transaction representing a sale to a merchant`s client, partner, owner or owner. Reseller prices are displayed in the dealer`s application card pricing plan.

Dealers (airline, car rental, cruise line, fast food, accommodation, restaurant, travel agency, transport) may have indicated separate prices for commercial and commercial transactions.

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