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To participate in the arbitration program, you must formally inform Ford of your intention to disclose, and the nature of the claims you wish to pursue in arbitration, at least ten days before filing an arbitration application. You can to Ford directly at 1-888-260-4563 or by filling out the corresponding form on the CAP-Motors website. The arbitrator has 10 days to interpret an arbitration award which is a final decision on your redemption application after the arbitration hearing. In some unusual situations, z.B. if the arbitrator has delayed the final decision to verify additional evidence, or for a post-hearing test, the award may take longer, but under no circumstances should the award be rendered later until ten (10) days after the final submission of all the evidence. You can hire your own lawyer, at your own expense, to represent you, to pursue redemption applications in arbitration. If you apply for a buyback, Ford will pay up to $US 6,000 for legal fees. You won`t have to pay Ford`s legal fees if you lose. Many states do not only provide fees for the dominant consumer. Finally, the arbitration program gives class members, but not Ford, the right to challenge the original arbitration decision in a second court of appeal, except under certain conditions when civil penalties are awarded. If you have leased the vehicle and an arbitrator determines that you are eligible for redemption, Ford will refund the payments you made to the lender or lessor, as well as the net exchange payment (without rebates, if applicable), less a reasonable use allowance.

Ford will also make available to the pawnbroker or lessor the amount of the payment provided by the financing or leasing contract. As with purchased vehicles, Ford also refunds VAT, original licensing fees, original registration fees and original title fees for your leased vehicle. We remain of the view that each owner should be offered much more for the personal and financial problems caused by the failure of these transfers. We do not believe that “discomforts,” species/certificate distinctions, or arbitration, which is limited to state lemon law, may or will never fully address all of these issues. Nor do they can compare the value with the rewards of monetary policy and the judgments of the owners who chose not to bring the case – one case resulted in a $700,000 bonus, another $64,000 and a lease-based deal for $24,000. Of course, the case is always different and the results vary depending on the facts, but Ford, to our knowledge, has lost any DPS6 case that came to court and for good reason.

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